TEDx Floating Stage Letters

Project Challenge

The client wanted their event name to expand over 20ft of the stage. We scaled up their file to the appropriate size (nearly 4ft high), printed and cut the letters out of ½” WBB Gator Board and stood them vertically over a black ¾” PVC base using a series of vertical and horizontal threaded rods and couplings.

Floating Effect

The rods were painted black so they would blend into the background giving the letters an appearance of floating on stage. We were also able to accommodate the client’s request to build the display in three sections so it could be easily moved around the stage and stored for future events.

Order them for your TEDx Event

We can custom design and fabricate lettering to suit your event stage dimensions. We also can use different materials to create the lettering and how it may “float” or rest on location.  We also provide shipping and installation instructions to assist with setup depending on where your event is. Contact us today to make it happen!

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