Retail Wayfinding Signage

Retail Wayfinding Signage - Sanel Napa Doors

Helping people find their way around is the foundation of the signage industry. Wayfinding combines principles of communication theory, the art of communication, and environmental graphic design. Print New Hampshire can work with your team to create a comprehensive custom wayfinding  sign solution for your retail establishment.

We provide project management, design services, sign development and manufacturing, printing, integrated multimedia solutions, and 3M certified professional installation. Our start to finish approach ensures that your retail wayfinding program and signage will meet all of your required specifications as we apply our standards to each step of the process to final installation.

Retail or Corporate Wayfinding Signs - Altitudes Nashville Restroom Wayfinding Signage
Altitudes Girls Restroom ADA Sign
Wamesit lanes interior retail signage

Retail Wayfinding Signage Best Practices

Retail wayfinding signage is really all about customer experience – how your customers navigate your establishment, find what they are looking for easily and are able to get assistance if necessary. Some best practices to help guide you through your next retail wayfinding signage project include:

  • Considering the consumer’s shopping experience
  • Developing a wayfinding strategy & intuitive store design
  • Creating an effective message and appropriate graphics
  • Using digital displays to supplement traditional wayfinding signage


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