How Much Does A Vehicle Wrap Cost?

So you are trying to figure out how much your vehicle wrap will cost? We understand your frustration. Calling sign companies for quotes on your project is time-consuming and can be difficult to get a quick answer. That’s because it’s not a cookie-cutter process and every vehicle wrap project is different. Every vehicle is different. The size, square footage, shape, and even the current condition of your vehicle will affect the overall price. Every design is different. And the amount, types and combinations of materials used vary in cost.

These are some of the factors that can result in vehicle wrap cost differences. Print New Hampshire can share with you our range for average vehicle wrap costs. However, while most projects fall within that price range, some don’t. So please contact us for a quote on your wrap project.

The Value of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Car Wrap Marketing Exposure

So you are thinking about turning your vehicle into a powerful advertising tool? Great idea! Vehicle wraps are one of the most affordable forms of advertising available and can maximize an asset you already have. With a great wrap design that reflects your brand, you will stand out from the many cars on the road. In fact, based on the volume of cars on the road, the average cost per impression is very low compared with other forms of advertising.  Don’t miss a valuable chance to establish your brand, get more leads, and build customer trust.  Learn more >

Extend the life of your car

Car owners can change the color of their car with a vinyl wrap, add a unique visual style, enhance detailing, or add some paint protection. Glossy painted vehicles can become matte finished. A fading red color car can now look like a newly painted blue car. Adding a vinyl wrap or a partial wrap can also hide older looking paint jobs. But keep in mind, older cars that may have dents or rust can prevent lasting applications.  Learn more >

Vehicle Wrap Cost

Depending on the size of the vehicle, the square footage of the wrap area, and the complexity of design, the cost of a full wrap could run as low as $1,500 and up to $6,000. The larger the vehicle and design, the higher the price. We can also create a partial wrap for you to keep costs down.  Keep in mind that premium vinyl will be used and it can last for 5+ years with good care. Our Certified 3M Professional team will install your wrap so it’s done right the first time.

Paint Protection

Vinyl wraps can be a layer of protection for your car’s paint job. It is not as susceptible to scratches, nicks, or dents that occur over time as paint is. When you wrap your car with vinyl, the factory paint is preserved underneath, which also preserves the value of the vehicle.


Vinyl has many uses and applications. From a wide color range to endless design possibilities, you will have your message and branding with you wherever you are driving. Vehicle wraps can also be used for long-term advertising or short-term product or event promotions.


How you care for your vehicle’s paint differs from how you take care of vinyl wraps. Most of the time, simply rinsing off the dirt with a hose is all that is needed. At times, some soapy water and a rag may be helpful as well. Either way, more driving, and less cleaning. No waxing and avoid auto washes.

Why a professional wrap is worth the cost

“I tried getting a cheap wrap and it didn’t last through winter. I had this wrap installed by Print NH and it still looks brand new even after 4 months!”

– Michelle Liliedahl

Print NH Pros vs. The Cheap Guys

  • Experienced design & install team vs. Just got started or rarely wrap
  • Professionally trained and certified 3M installers vs. Not properly trained
  • Wraps last longer vs. Wraps deteriorate over a short period of time
  • We use better materials vs. Cheap materials
  • Indoor install facility vs. Lacks controlled install environment
  • We use new high-speed printers vs. Old low-quality dpi printers
  • We’re a thriving business vs. Will close spontaneously

The quality and value you receive from an experienced installer outweighs any discount price you get from one that lacks experience and resources.

So when you are trying to find out how much a vehicle wrap costs, please consider all of these factors when making a decision.  Whether it’s a vehicle wrap for a commercial truck fleet or a personal car, Print New Hampshire has you covered – and we stand behind our work.

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